Friday, September 4, 2009


Procrastination is the art of self entertainment. I made that definition up when I was in college. But it's not always true. In fact, in most cases, procrastination is a passive aggressive way to gain control. At least thats the definition I have right now.
I have always struggled with procrastination, even with myself. Living with myself, I am my own mother, so when I tell myself that I should write, I procrastinate by cleaning my room. And when I tell myself that I should clean my room, I inevitably end up writing instead. If only I could find a way to trick myself, but alas, I am much to clever for that.
So, obviously today, I am cleaning my room.


Whatsup said...

Would have written sooner, but I procrastinated. Interesting perspective. xxxooo

Peter and Abby said...

Ha, ha ha ha! You should clean your room more.

Cathi said...

Very funny, and clever observations. As you can see, I'm also cleaning my room today. I love you, procrastinations and all, Bomma