Friday, May 22, 2009

How i feel sometimes

Sometimes I feel this overpowering sense of love for people- like my insides, all of my organs and entrails turn into this warm dry light that pushes against my skin. It spills from my eyes and sprays out from my neck and chest and hands. My skin becomes a sieve and the love streams out in little square and cube shaped rays.
And sometimes it feels like the warm light condenses into bouncing, vibrating, little metallic balls the size of gumballs. All jumping and thrashing about behind the walls of skin. Sometimes they get so furious and frantic, I'm afraid this thin barrier of epidermis will shatter into tiny pieces at the force of it and all my love will come flying out at them with such speed, like shrapnel, only when it hits them, it will be like jello melting on an iron skillet.
When I feel this way, with too much love to fit inside my body, this is what I think it might feel like to be God.


Peter and Abby said...

I know to look here when you leave a comment. It means you've been doing something. This is a good something!

Arnette said...

Hello my little gumball -- you are precious beyond words. Fun and interesting ---- and challenging as always. xxxooo

Cathi said...

Sometimes you're too deep for me, but I love it anyway.