Friday, January 30, 2009

one spring morning

A quiet sea of ravens. Bushel after bushel anchored on a green lawn. Rolling and bobbing, picking at fleas and spiders in the grass. Feathers undulately rock and ripple like wind on water. I drop my school books and run into the center. I am five years old again parting the black ocean. I am Moses. I provoke them into a storm of swirling madness. A swarm of black birds circling upwards as I sink down into a whirlpool of beating iridescent scales.


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Arnette said...

Shannon --- Pursue writing --- you ARE a writer, and an excellent one. It was fun, interesting, thought provoking, amusing and amazing reading your blogs --- crazy as ever. Have to confess I feel somewhat like a voyuer doing this as I have only visited a few blogs, but I am sooooo glad I stumbled onto yours, one of my very favorite people.
Luv U Awana girl - xxxooo